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Add real-time personalized and native advertising content that is customized to your email template to earn revenue, drive traffic and increase engagement by 4x with zero up-front cost.


Tap into dozens of dynamic & personalized widgets like video, tickers, countdown timers, sliders, forms, geo-targeting and more to grab readers' attention on the email open and create fantastic lift in click through rates - +30%.

personalized. dynamic. relevant.

You worked hard to build a list of potential customers who have raised their hands and told you
they want to hear from you. So - Enchant them! Wow them!

Give them what they want – personalized and dynamic content. Whether it is adding real-time optimized
third-party content to earn new revenue for every click-through or by grabbing your readers' attention
with dynamic in email widgets like geo-targeting, product carousels, personalized images & video – get started now. It only takes a few minutes to make your emails
jump off the page.

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  • ESP agnostic

    That's right – each component, whether advertisements or dynamic widgets, can be sent in your emails thru any ESP or MAP (we'll even test it for you!).

  • cross device

    We promise you a worry free send. We’ve checked them all – desktops, tablets & smartphones, plus every email client. If you're using it, then we’ve put it thru its paces.

  • no coding

    Not HTML proficient? No problem. Get a piece of HTML code and easily drop it into any template you are using. Really! No coding necessary.

  • responsive ready

    Yes, it's a buzzword in the world of email – so we've built our components to be responsive if your emails are.